Air Quality Monitors have become increasingly important during the Covid-19 pandemic, helping to ensure spaces have adequate ventilation. Countries such as Spain and Belgium now have a mandatory requirement to monitor and display the levels of CO2 in bars, gyms and other buildings, providing reassurance to users, staff and employers, and with Omicron currently ripping through Europe, the UK could follow suit.

Keep Airbourne Viruses At Bay

When people breathe out, they exhale carbon dioxide (CO2). When CO2 levels rise in an area, it can be an indication that ventilation needs to be improved. Although CO2 levels are not a direct indicator of COVID-19 exposure, checking them using a monitor can help you detect spaces that aren’t well ventilated.

Indoors, a steady CO2 value less than 800ppm indicates that a space is adequately ventilated, whereas outside levels are approximately 400ppm. When there is constant talking or singing, or when there is a lot of physical activity (such dancing, playing sports, or exercising), extra steps may be required to keep CO2 levels below 800ppm.

The Importance of Ventilation

Some tests undertaken in a London office showed that CO2 levels remained around 800ppm even with a window open. When the test participant opened a door slightly, CO2 levels dropped rapidly, showing the importance of cross-ventilation for clearing the air.

Simple demonstrations such as this one show how CO2 monitors can be used to inform occupants when they should increase ventilation by opening windows and doors to lower any potential risk.


Which Air Quality Monitor Should I Buy?

The Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor is a high-quality, cost-effective option from a trusted brand, which is ideal for use in Offices, Schools, Restaurants and Homes.
The device monitors carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity and the traffic-light visual indication and sound alert easily informs you of any potential risk. The 10-hour battery life also enables maximum portability, and the Li-Ion rechargeable battery offers convenient charging.

For more information on the Honeywell Air Quality Monitor, please see our dedicated blog here.

Other options include the Analox Air Quality Guardian, which offers a large screen to help you monitor Carbon Dioxide levels, in addition to Relative Humidity and Temperature in your building.

For more advanced monitoring, the Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Monitor Model 7575 is an ideal instrument for IAQ monitoring of a wide range of parameters including carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), temperature and humidity, with applications including industrial hygiene surveys, building commissioning and tracking down emissions to their source point.

Honeywell Air Transmission Risk Monitor
Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor​
Analox Air Quality Guardian
Analox CO2 Air Quality Guardian
TSI Q-Trak Air Quality Monitor
TSI Q-Trak Air Quality Monitor
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