Cole-Parmer is causing a stir by complimenting and completing the Stuart® range with the Digital Round-Top Stirring Hot Plates. Valued customers now have a comprehensive choice of units designed to suit several applications. These NEW Stuart additions comprise three different models: hot plate, stirrer or stirring hot plate, all with a digital display.

Stylish and sleek, these instruments feature a unique control pad that allows all operations to be set using just your fingertip. An LCD shows both set and real-time parameters which are lockable to prevent accidental changes during use. Multiple stirring options allow a choice between one direction or reversing every 45 seconds for thorough mixing. A built-in timer can be set for up to 9 hours or continuous operation. Optimal heating is produced by an integrated temperature sensor and dual PID control that rapidly heats the 135-mm diameter, ceramic, round-top plate and maintains the desired temperature. Dual temperature control circuit also ensure temperature stability in case one circuit malfunctions. Safety features include user-set safety temperature limit through main control panel, hot warning light indicator, and digital error code functions for easy troubleshooting.

Each unit is robust and has a host of user-friendly features:

Innovative fingertip control even while wearing gloves
Advanced brushless motor provides quiet and worry-free operation
Sealed exterior keeps spills away for maintenance free operation
Dual timer modes for more accurate control
Maximum temperature 340°C