Kidde Firex KF2 & KF2R Optical Smoke Alarms


Product Features

  • Single 'Hush' and 'Test' button
  • C hoice of sealed-in rechargeable (three Panasonic lithium cells) or loose battery back-up ranges
  • Cable harness type connection and interconnectable up to 24 units
  • Supplied with base-plate
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Kidde's Firex range are hardwired smoke and heat alarms which have a 6 year guarantee and are BSI kitemarked therefore ensuring that level of quality would be consistent as it provided by the world's largest manufacturer. Ionisation and optical models have proven to be exceptional alongside heat alarms for situations which would prove to be unsuitable for smoke alarms such as kitchens and garages.


Both the models are mains powered and have a built in back-up power thereby complying with the current minimum requirements of that specific building.

Optical Smoke alarms have been put in place for highlighting escape and circulation routes amongst those areas where they may be a potential danger of ignition of furniture and surroundings as a result of cigarettes. These would be best suited to slow smouldering fires which maybe caused as a result of PVC cabling, foam filled furniture or bedding materials. They would be far less prone to nuisance alarms in comparison to ionisation alarms from cooking practices and steam near kitchens.
  • KF2 - Optical AC with alkaline back-up
  • KF2LL - Optical AC with long-life lithium battery
  • KF2R - Optical AC with sealed-in rechargeable back-up
  • REMTH - Wired remote test & hush accessory switch for Firex
  • SMK23U - Universal surface mount kit for retrofits
  • SMK23RU - Same as SMK23U with 8 amp relay output pulse - switchable
  • SMK4896 - Firex only pattress
Colour Black
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