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RAE Systems RAE-Sep Halocarbon Separation Tubes for UltraRAE Series Monitor (box of 10)

The Halocarbon Honeywell Separation tube can be used alongside the UltraRAE 3000 PID monitor. This box contains 10 tubes. This particular tube requires the use of an 11.7 eV lamp and is able to detect substances such as methylene chloride in the presence of other solvents. 

Honeywell tubes are designed to act as filters before photoionisation detection is carried out, to allow selective measurement. The tube carries out selective measurement by physically absorbing any potential or interfering compounds. This requires the use of an appropriate lamp and failure to do so may flaw the accuracy of results.

Standard Lamp

11.7 eV

Typical Range (ppmv)

0.1 - 200

Temperature Range

2 - 40°C (41 - 104°C)


No effect on reading 0 – 95% H

Storage Life

Unopened tubes can be stored for 1 year in darkness at 5 - 25°C (40 - 77°F)

Colour Change

Orange -> Brown

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