To safeguard life, electrical equipment, and critical electronics systems from faults and lightning currents, the lightning protection system must be earthed.

A good earthing system relies on joints and connections with strong electrical conductivity and great mechanical strength, in addition to the right conductor for the job. An earthing system's safety might be jeopardised by improperly chosen joints and connectors.

The earthing components from Furse are made to stringent British, European, and international standards, assuring reliable, long-term performance in even the harshest soil conditions.

An effective, low resistance route from lightning protection to earth

Furse earthing components are built to withstand mechanical damage as well as thermal and electromechanical stresses caused by expected earth faults and leakage currents. When these components are put together, they make up the earth termination system, which is responsible for properly dispersing harmful lightning and fault currents into the ground.

From pipe clamps and metalwork bonds to connectors and accessible metal parts, through to low resistance copper conductora and high quality earth rods - Furse products are designed to perform.


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