Air Quality Monitoring for Educational settings

As the world returns to in-person activities, engaging in additional measures to help support the health of the public is vital in education settings such as schools and colleges.
Investing in a school CO2 monitor is one way you can help protect both students and staff.

Classroom CO2 Monitoring

Educational Institution classrooms with outdated HVAC and ventilation systems can foster environments where the risk of airborne virus transmission could increase. Research conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado has shown that real-time monitoring of indoor ambient air can be an indicator of increased risk of airborne viral transmission.

Honeywell Air Quality Monitor in Classroom
Honeywell Air Transmission Risk Monitor

The Solution

The Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor has been created as a cost-effective, stylish monitor that informs and alerts of potential exposure to airbourne viral transmission in an indoor area.

Honeywell, combined with the research of scientists at the University of Colorado, identified air quality conditions that are driven by common activities and variables such as average room size, number of people present, breathing rate and duration, enabling them to create a perfectly optimised product for use in educational settings.

Key Features

  • Improved Air Quality – The Honeywell air quality monitor ensures that you have good air quality at all times, with real time monitoring of Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Relative Humidity.

  • Low Risk Factor – Honeywell Air Quality Monitors lower the risk of potential airborne transmission of C02 by alerting you with colour indicators to encourage ventilation in the environment.

  • Simplicity – The lightweight design makes it easy to carry for real-time monitoring anywhere. It’s also easy to use with a one button setting.

  • Durability – 10 hours battery life using a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery without charging.

  • Visibility – Red, yellow, and green indicators show the potential transmission risk at-a-glance. One beep sound alert when the risk level is medium and two beep sound alert if the risk level is high.

  • Sleek, Modern Design – The Honeywell Air Quality Monitor features a sleek, modern design which is small and compact, preventing an eye sore in any environment.

  • Versatile – Designed for various environments including; Educational Institutes, Restaurants, Small Offices, Healthcare and other Hospitality Facilities.

Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor

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