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Product Features
  • Graphite furnaces offer the highest possible temperatures
  • Hydrogen partial pressure operation upon request
  • Precisely controlled vacuum pumping speeds appropriate for use with powders
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Data recording for quality management
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Carbolite HTBL GR Bottom Loading Furnace


The Carbolite HTBL GR bottom loading graphite furnace offers temperatures of 2200 °C or 3000 °C upon request. Graphite models of the HTBL are offered in volumes of 50, 80 and 200 litres. 

One clear advantage is the easy loading and unloading of the HTBL type furnaces. Once the hearth has been lowered, the sample is accessible from all sides without limitations. Sample loading is extremely easy and user-friendly, especially with delicate samples. Additionally, sample thermocouples can placed at specified locations within the chamber. A retort may also be used with the HTBL. The movement of the loading area is fully automated and driven by a hydraulic arm. Once the loading area has reached the lowest position, the user can manually rotate the loading platform outward by 90 °. 

The HTBL GR has one heating zone made from graphite. The mantle heater is software controlled and provided with a controller and thermocouple dedicated for over-temperature protection. The mantle heater consists of several graphite rods arranged along the cylindrical hearth that are secured to the top of the chamber. The insulation of this system consists of graphite felt. The system is surrounded by a water cooled vessel. 

To load and unload the furnace, locking clamps are manually operated. Vacuum tubes must also be be attached and detached manually. Aside from these two steps, all remaining movements of the furnace hearth are fully automated. After the bottom, loading area has reached the lowest position, the user can rotate the platform outward by 90°. The automated features of the HTBL are ideal for large scale production. 

The graphite based HTBL is equipped with a pyrometer and a sliding thermocouple. A retort can be supplied on request. Graphite is a very versatile construction material for high temperature furnaces. However, if the sample is sensitive to carbon, a metallic furnace must be used.

HTBL-H 50 GR/22-1G

Insulation material Graphite
Volume (l) 50
Tmax vacuum (°C) 2200

HTBL 50 GR/22-1G

Insulation material Graphite
Volume (l) 50
Tmax vacuum (°C) 2200

HTBL 80 GR/22-1G

Insulation material Graphite
Volume (l) 80
Tmax vacuum (°C) 2200

HTBL 200 GR/22-1G

Insulation material Graphite
Volume (l) 200
Tmax vacuum (°C) 2200


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