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Product Features
  • LMm is now available with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Detects at up to 30ms distant
  • Green guide laser light
  • Point and shoot technology
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The Crowcon LaserMethane mini (LMm) is an innovative long-range portable detector which allows methane gas to be detected at distances of up to 100m. This enables easy access to hard-to-reach locations, such as elevated piping or locked premises, and helps keep the operator away from potential leak sources.

Previously only available in a ‘safe-area’ version, Bluetooth is now an available option for the ATEX approved LMm. This allows connection to an Android device using the GasViewer app delivering data storage functionality. This means that important survey data including gas level, time, date and location can be combined, saved or emailed to a central point.

LaserMethane mini (LMm) is a compact handheld detector for the detection of methane gas at a safe distance (0-100m). Utilising laser technology, methane leaks are located by pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line. This revolutionary technology removes the need to access elevated places, reducing cost and improving the speed of leak detection activities. LMm is ideal for use in industrial, commercial and research environments, anywhere that methane could be present and in need of locating or monitoring.

LMm is easy to operate and requires no maintenance. An automatic self-check during start-up ensures consistent performance and reliability every time units are turned on. The green laser guide light is highly visible even under strong sunlight simplifying the task of locating leaks. The Bluetooth option combines the benefit of LMm with additional data storage functions, allowing connection to an Android device using the GasViewer app. Important data including gas level, time, date and location are combined and can then be saved or emailed to a central point.

Remote detection
  • Detects at up to 30ms distant – keeps operators out of harm's way
  • Detects at up to 100m with reflector – hard-to-reach areas at height or behind barriers can be monitored
  • Green guide laser light – clear visibility of survey point, even in bright sunlight

User friendly
  • Point and shoot technology – required little or no training and is easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight – truly portable, can fit in a pocket
  • Green guide laser light – clear visibility of where you are surveying even under strong sunlight
  • Wide OLED display – clear and bright readout on screen

  • No moving parts – little maintenance required
  • Self-check and automatic calibration on start-up – ensures accurate and reliable readings; removes the need to return for regular calibration
Target gas Methane (CH4)
Range 1 to 50,000ppm.m (5%vol.m)
Units ppm.m / %vol.m / %LEL.m
Accuracy ±10%
Detection speed 0.1 seconds
Detection distance 0.5m to 30m / 1.5ft to 98ft
(up to 100m / 328ft with reflector)
Size 70 (W) x 179 (D) x 42 (H) mm
(2.8 x 7 x 1.6 inches)
Weight 600g (includes battery)
Calibration Automatic self-calibration using internal reference cell
Battery type Rechargeable ni-MH
Ingress protection IP54
Operating temperature -17°C to +50°C (1°F to +122°F)
Certification ATEX: II 2 G Ex ib op-pr/op-is IIA T1 Gb
ATEX: I M2 Ex ib op-pr/op-is
Laser Class 3R:5mW or less
Bluetooth (option at time of order)  Data link via GasViewer
Order codes LMm
C011246 – including one battery
C011247 –  including two batteries
LMm with Bluetooth
C011251 – including one battery
C011252 – including two batteries
Crowcon Connect Compatible? No
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