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Product Features
  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Built-in gas library holds up to 70 substances
  • Large backlit display
  • Loud audible alarm and a LED to warn of dangerous levels
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The Drager Multi-PID 2 is the next generation of reliable photoionization detectors for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its innovative PID-technology combines high sensitivity and robustness with suitability for various applications like soil, water or jar headspace screening, leak detection and confined space measurements.

Wide Measuring Range

Equipped with a standard 10.6 eV UV-lamp the Drager Multi-PID 2 covers a measuring range from 0 to 2,000 ppm. An optional dilution probe extends the measuring range up to 20,000 ppm.

Extensive Gas Library

The built-in gas library holds up to 70 substances. Another 60 substances are identified and can be substituted in the library. For additional, customer-specific compounds the response factor can be quantified by the Drager own application laboratory.

Large Display

The backlit display with its large font is easy to read. All information is displayed on one screen. The language setting of the display and menu structure can be pre-set when ordering to English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.

Various Warning Functions

The Drager Multi-PID 2 is equipped with a loud audible alarm and a LED to warn of dangerous levels (e.g. peak, STEL or TWA) of substances are reached. Additionally, a pump and flow alarm is integrated into the instrument.

Dedicated Calibration Key

Immediate access to the calibration functions is realized with a dedicated calibration key. This allows the user to perform a calibration without entering the main menu.

Built-in Datalogger

An internal data logger is included in the instrument. The software package "GasVision" allows the easy evaluation of the measured data. The data logging feature allows the operator to record 15,000 sampling points which can be downloaded to a PC.

Pre-filter Tubes

The new PID equipment enables the use of pre-filter tubes. An easy to fit adapter quickly allows the tube to be fitted to the device. The unit can therefore specifically measure Benzene when this mode is activated or indicate high levels of humidity when the humidity pre-filter tube is fitted.

Worldwide Approvals

Drager Multi-PID 2 can be used worldwide with these approvals: ATEX, MET and CE-mark.
Drager Multi-PID 2 8318320

Drager Multi-PID 2 Professional Set 8320275
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