Drager PSS 5000 Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus


Product Features

Economic Carrying System
Advanced Harness Choice
Integrated and Versatile Hose Routing
Electronic Monitoring with Drager Bodyguard 7000
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The Drager PSS 5000 SCBA is a new generation high performance breathing apparatus for the professional firefighter. Combining advanced ergonomics with a wide range of configurable options the Drager PSS 5000 provides the user with the comfort and versatility to meet the demands of first responders whenever breathing protection is required.


The Drager PSS 5000 has been designed to be not only comfortable but also extremely stable during use in harsh firefighting environments.

Incorporating a rigid harness connection to a fixed-height back plate, advanced harness materials and a pivoting waist belt, the Drager PSS 5000 remains in position regardless of the task in hand.


To allow the breathing apparatus to be tailored to the required application, the Drager PSS 5000 utilizes new stateof- the-art harness materials offered in a choice of 2 harness options.


To minimize the risk of snagging and to guard against physical damage, both the gauge and air supply hoses are integrated within channels in the Drager PSS 5000 back plate. The LDV, Gauge and Rescue hoses can now be routed over the left and/or right shoulders (2 hoses per side), allowing the Drager PSS 5000 to be configured to any standard. Conventional waist mounted hoses can also be fitted making the Drager PSS 5000 one of the most versatile SCBA's available.


The Drager PSS 5000 has been designed to be fully compatible with the globally established Drager Bodyguard 7000 electronic signal and warning unit, and the newly integrated PSS Merlin Modem. For maximum protection The Drager Bodyguard 7000 has an innovative compact design that integrates the power supply and pressure sensor modules within the back plate, creating a balanced weight distribution.

Real-time monitoring of essential information such as timeto- whistle (based on current air consumption) and cylinder pressure is communicated via a lightweight handheld electronic gauge and display and/or, a facemask-mounted Head's Up Display (HUD). Simultaneously this information can be transferred to an Entry Control Board via the PSS Merlin Modem, further enhancing firefighter and fire ground safety.

PSS 5000 DP Pneumatic Gauge single cylinder strap 3357845
PSS 5000 DP Pneumatic Gauge universal cylinder strap 3358333
PSS 5000 DP Quick Connect single cylinder strap 3358431
PSS 5000 DP Bodyguard 7000 Tally single cylinder strap 3358354
PSS 5000 DP Bodyguard 7000 Tally universal cylinder strap 3358356
PSS 5000 DP Bodyguard 7000 Tally Quick Connect single cyldr strap 3358437
PSS 5000 DS single cylinder strap 3357858
PSS 5000 DS universal cylinder strap 3358338
PSS 5000 DS Quick Connect single cylinder strap 3358428
PSS 5000 DS Bodyguard 7000 Tally single cylinder strap 3358350
PSS 5000 DS Bodyguard 7000 Tally universal cylinder strap 3358352
PSS 5000 DS Bodyguard 7000 Tally Quick Connect single cyldr strap 3358435
Colour Black
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