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Product Features
  • Set speed and temperature in seconds with the intuitive display
  • Choose the controller to meet your power supply requirement
  • Heating cartridges are sold separately
  • Complete system requires 1. Controller 2. Heating Cartridge 3. Accessories (optional)
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The Electrothermal Digi-Mantle Controller has a revolutionary CTC (Capacitance Touch Control) panel, which is both easy to read and use, and you can set the required temperature and stir speed by using the up/down arrows.

The control panel has separate indicators lights for the power, heater and stirrer functions, along with a 3-digit display indicating the actual temperature from ambient to 450°C. Stirring speeds from 100 to 2000rpm are obtained by lightly touching the stirrer speed keys.

Designed to provide a comprehensive answer to heating and stirring fluids in various vessel formats. This product is modular in design, allowing for complete interchangeability between mantles (sold separately) of various sizes. With its easy-to-read/easy-to-operate, revolutionary CTC (Capacitance Touch Control) panel, setting the required temperature and stir speed takes only seconds.

When the temperature probe is fitted, the heating is controlled via the temperature feed back circuit and the actual temperature is displayed on the controller.

New dry blocks come with an inbuilt temperature sensor. This allows the true block temperature to be viewed at all times. When using a probe and dry block with in built sensor, the temperature displayed is that as measured by the probe.

Digital controller and motor arrangement allows for accurate, low-speed stirring control. Uniform stirring is provided via a motorized rotating magnet assembly positioned to provide maximum magnetic flux linkage to rotate the stirrer bar in each reaction vessel.
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