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Product Features
  • Integral Semiconductor Sensor (Range 0 – 10,000 ppm), providing fast response leak detection
  • PPM , LEL and volume flammable gas ranges for leak detection, general safety monitoring and barholing
  • Audible and visual ‘Geiger’ alarm indication on ppm range
  • Integral pump with pressure sensor for flow fail detection with sample path protected by hydrophobic filter
  • Rugged polypropylene case, sealed to IP54 rating, suitable for outdoor use
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Teledyne GMI Leaksurveyor

The Teledyne GMI Leaksurveyor uses a fast response semiconductor sensor reducing the time taken for gas leak surveys on gas distribution networks. The Leaksurveyor detects flammable gas from PPM through LEL to 100 % Vol. 


  • Leak Detection
  • Bar Hole Survey
  • Gas Escape Detection


Leak Surveyor
  • 44512L Leak Surveyor PPM, LEL, VOL
  • 44512LR Leak Surveyor Rechargeable PPM, LEL, VOL
  • 13844 Standard Charger c/w Universal PSU
Accessory Packs
  • 42141 Standard Accessory Pack
  • 42151 Gas Survey Accessory Pack
Case Accessories
  • 13405 Standard Carrying Case
  • 12580 Gas Survey
  • 12481 Standard Probe Handle c/w Filters
  • 10077 Cotton Filters (Box / 10)
  • 13427 35 cm probe open end
  • 13561 Survey Probe Handle
  • 13562 Survey Probe Handle Adaptor
  • 13563 Bellows Survey Probe (B)
  • 13655 Swan Neck Probe c/w Shroud
  • 42605 Filter holder c/w filters
Other Accessories
  • 42183 Water Filter Assembly c/w Filters
  • 12358 Hydrophobic Filter (for 12481 or 42183)
  • 42184 Dust Filter Assembly c/w Filters
  • 75096 Dust Filter (for 42184)
  • 13427 35cm Plastic Probe Open End
Spare Parts
  • 42207 User Handbook
  • 42208 Quick Operation Guide
  • 12451 Hex Driver
  • 12370 Carrying Harness
  • 12712 Clear Sample Line x 1m
  • 42078 Pump Assy
  • 42234 Combustion Chamber Assembly
  • 42364 EPROM (Serial No. Required)
  • 42202 Case Assembly Centre Section
  • 42174 Top Cover Assembly (Ordered with Buzzer 42086)
  • 42180 Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 42175 Battery Cover Assembly Dry Cell
  • 42251 Main PCB Assembly
  • 42227 Main Cable Assembly (Main PCB to Cell Block)
  • 42119 PSU PCB Assembly
  • 12670 250mA Fuse (PSU Board)
  • 42191 Semi-conductor sensor *
  • 42205 Toxic PCB
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