Teledyne GMI Optical Methane Detector (OMD)


Product Features

  • Infrared technology
  • Methane specific
  • Instant response
  • Sensitive to 1 ppm methane
  • Very high survey speeds (to 50 kph)
  • Largely unaffected by rain or surface water
  • No pumps or calibration gases
  • Global Positioning (GPS) option
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The vehicle mounted Teledyne GMI Optical Methane Detector *TM uses infra-red technology to specifically detect methane gas leaks down to levels of 1ppm without cross interference to other hydrocarbons. The OMD allows surveying of large areas to be undertaken in a fraction of the time of a vehicle survey using conventional FIM’s due to the higher ground speeds.


Gas Surveying

Optical Methane Detector
  • 2510500 Optical Methane Detector - System Only. Display Ranges: 0-10 ppm. 0-30ppm. 0-90ppm. Over -range 200ppm. Vehicle mounted optical infra red gas leak survey system. Complete with fitting kit to allow mounting to front of a wide range of vehicles.
  • 2510539 Power Box Assembly
  • 2510565 Display box
  • 2510592 Light Bulbs
  • 2510689 Bar (51.25")
  • 2510570 Lamp to Power Box
  • 2510572 Power Box to Battery
  • 2510576 Display to Power Box
  • 2510579 Receiver to Power Box
Colour Black
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