Grant CH3-150 Combitherm-2 dry block heating/cooling system

CH3-150 UK

Product Features

  • Stability: ±0.1ºC
  • Independently regulated heating and cooling blocks in the same unit
  • Digital timer with sound alarm: 1 min to 99 h 59 min (increment 1 min)
  • User adjustable programmes (temperature and time): 16 (heating) + 16 (cooling)
  • Digital temperature control for optimum precision
  • Temperature Calibration Function
  • Protective lid
  • The CH3-150 has seven interchangeable blocks available.
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The Grant-bio CH3-150 Combitherm-2 dry block heating cooling system is specially designed to thermostabilise materials at temperatures from –3°C to +150°C according to methods of analysis.


  • Life-science – storing restriction enzymes, nick translation, ligation reactions, restriction digests, protein solubilisation for PAGE, warm incubation of microcentrifuge tubes for hybridisation, enzyme reactions and deactivations
  • Clinical – cooling blood samples prior to coagulation testing. acylcarnitines derivatisation, MRSA and PBP2 latex testing, heating flush/media used in egg recovery, fertility to keep test tubes at correct temperature during egg collection
  • Incubating samples at set temperatures, heating block for boiling of solutions in tubes
  • Life-science-cell digestion, DNA/RNA extraction, post sequencing PCT clean-up-dry down step, boiling in vitro DNA RNA/ protein samples, incubating invitro reactions/digestions, extraction of DNA for real-time PCR analysis, denaturing nucleic acid and protein samples
  • Industrial – digestion of environmental samples for chemical oxygen demand analysis, soil digests, maintaining temperatures
Dimensions (h x d x w) 220 x 285 x 295mm
Heating block temperature range +25 to +150°C
Heating block temperature control range Ambient +5 to +150°C
Heating block setting resolution 1°C
Heating block stability ±0.1°C
Cooling block temperature range –3 to +20°C
Cooling block temperature control range Ambient -23 to ambient -5°C
Cooling block setting resolution 0.1°C
Cooling block stability ±0.1°C
Digital timer with sound alarm 1 min–99 hrs 59 min (increment 1 min)
User adjustable programs (temperature and time) 16 (heating) + 16 (cooling)
Display LCD
Nominal operating voltage 230V only (50/60Hz)
Weight 5.6kg
SKU Description
CH3-150 UK Digital dry block heater and cooler. -3°C to +150°C. Left side cools, right side heats and are independently controlled. Blocks sold separately. Please replace UK suffix with EUR or AUS for corresponding power cords and sockets
B2-50 Block with 2 holes of 48 mm diameter, flat bottom
B10-13 Block with 10 holes of 13 mm diameter, flat bottom
B10-16 Block with 10 holes of 16 mm diameter, flat bottom
B5-29 Block with 5 holes for 29 mm diameter tubes,flat bottom
B6-25 Block with 6 holes of 25 mm diameter,flat bottom
B18-12 Block with 18 holes for 12x75 mm round bottom tubes
B23-1.5  Block with 23 holes for 1.5 ml tubes, flat bottom
Colour White
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