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Product Features
  • Pre-programmed with all HACH analysis methods
  • Absorbance and transmission
  • Concentration for linear and nonlinear calibration curves
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The Hach DR3900 VIS Spectral Photometer uses RFID* technology allowing you to reduce errors. Samples can be traced back to the sample location. All the important information is saved on an RFID tag and can be transferred back to the laboratory in seconds. 

Standard features

  • Pre-programmed with all HACH LANGE analysis methods, for the analysis of waste water, drinking water and cooling/boiler water
  • Absorbance and transmission
  • Concentration for linear and nonlinear calibration curves

IBR+ increases the reliability of your measurement values
Lot number and expiry date information is now included on the 2D barcode, this additional information is transferred to the instrument and documented with the measurement value.

Rapid data updates
Programming of methods into a spectrophotometer has never been so easy. Simply hold the cuvette test box in front of the DR 3900 RFID* module, wait for the signal tone and it‘s done. Measurement begins straight away with accurate evaluation data for an accurate result.

Quality assurance made easy with AQA+
QA procedures can now be easily defined and documented within the instrument without additional software. Current batch certificates (for the purpose of GMP/GLP results documentation) can be found on the RFID* tag on the cuvette box. Thanks to this RFID* technology, all batch-specific information can be retrieved immediately on the DR 3900 and printed out.

Alignment of laboratory and process analysis
You can compare your process result with the laboratory reference value in the photometer via the LINK2SC connection between the SC controller and the DR 3900. Data can be exchanged via Ethernet bi-directionally, eg, matrix corrections from process probes can be sent directly from the laboratory.

Data transfer is simple via USB or Ethernet
Transfer your measurement data easily via a USB stick or an Ethernet connection. The same applies for software updates. The DR 3900 can install the most up-to-date device software from our website via Ethernet, so your photometer always has the latest update.

Technical Specification

Display mode Transmission (%), absorbance and concentration, scan
Light source Halogen lamp
Beam projection Spectral reference beam technology
Wavelength range 320 to 1100 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1.5 nm (Wavelength range from 340 to 900 nm)
Wavelength reproducibility ±0.1 nm
Wavelength resolution 1 nm
Wavelength calibration and selection Automatic
Spectral bandwidth 5 nm
Photometric measurement range ±3.0 Abs (wavelength range from 340 to 900 nm)
Photometric accuracy 5 mAbs at 0.0 to 0.5 Abs, 1% at 0.5 to 2.0 Abs
Photometric linearity <0.5% to 2 Abs, 1% at >2 Abs with neutral glass at 546 nm
Scattered light 0.1% at 340 nm with NaNO2
Display 7“ TFT WVGA colour touchscreen (800 × 480 pixels)
Data storage 2000 measurement data (result, date, time, sample ID, user ID)
Preprogrammable methods >220
User programme 100
Cuvette compatibility 13 mm round cell, 1 cm and 5 cm rectangular cell, 1-inch round cell, 1-inch rectangular cell
Dimensions (H×W×D) 151 mm × 350 mm × 255 mm
Weight 4200 g
Operating conditions -10 to 40 °C, max. 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Storage conditions -30 to 60 °C, max. 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Enclosure rating IP30
Power supply Table power supply, 110 to 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Interfaces USB type A (2), USB type B, Ethernet, RFID* module
Warranty 2 years
LPV440.99.00001 320 - 1100 nm - RFID for easy method update, sample ID and Certificate of Analysis
Product contents Adapter “A” for 1” round and ACCUVAC/1 cm rectangular cells, basic handbook, CD with handbook and work processes in 5 languages (GB, D, F, I, E) in PDF format, EU power pack 100–240 V, 47–63 Hz, user RFID* tag
LPV440.98.00001 320 - 1100 nm - RFID not applicable with this model
LPV440.99.10001 320 - 1100 nm - RFID for easy method update, sample ID and Certificate of Analysis
LPV440.99.20001 320 - 1100 nm - RFID for easy method update, sample ID and Certificate of Analysis
LZV875 SIP 10 tube kit, Lagoprene + Tygon
LZV873 2 m Ethernet cable
LZV791 USB memory stick
5835900.00 PD 24 thermal printer
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