Honeywell Safety Gridel Protective Hood

Honeywell Safety Gridel

Product Features

  • Single-use respiratory protection apparatus fed by compressed air.
  • Very high protection factor > 130 000 (class 5 according to EN 1073-1) whatever the wearer (barb, googles....)
  • 360°C visual field
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable airflow
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The Honeywell Safety Gridel is a ventilated and single-use protective hood. Designed to isolate the wearer's respiratory tracts when working in surroundings with suspected or low airborne contamination.


The whole (hood-belt-trap) is 600 gr


30/100 cristal PVC M2


PVC 50/100


10/100 PVC


Very good protection factor (much better than a full face mask) > 50 000

Annular chamber

The annular chamber which provides an airtight fit against the wearer is equipped with 2 magnetic valves and an expansion silencer

Minimum flow rate

200 l / min plus/minus 10%

Maximum flow rate

300 l / min plus/minus 10%

Tap fixation

The tap fixed on the belt allows the flow rate of air entering the hood to be regulated according to the wearer's needs

PPE Category 3

CE approved Category 3

EN 143

Respiratory equipment

EN 270

Respiratory hood equipment

EN 1073-1

Protective clothing against Radioactive Contamination - Ventilated suit

  • CC8527X39 GRIDEL - Gridel: ventilated protective hood. Made of Flame-Retardant M2, cristal PVC 35/100 mm. Air fed to breathable air network 6 bars. One size fits all. PPE category 3
Colour Black
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