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Honeywell Safety Supervizor Face Shield

The Honeywell Safety Supervizor is a robust, heavy-duty, helmet-mounted face shield range with hearing protection compatibility. Wide visor selection that can be tailored to the specific hazard/application.




Triacetate Visors, Polycarbonate, Acetate, Metal, Helmet-Mounted



Replacement Visors


  • 1002302 1002302 Faceshield Attachment System SA660 Helmet -Mounted Visor Holder (Plastic 125 g)
  • 1002304 Faceshield Attachment System SA66M Helmet -Mounted Visor Holder (Metal 110 g)
  • 1002305 Faceshield Attachment System SA66 Helmet -Mounted Visor Holder (Metal 100g)
  • 1002295 Faceshield Chinguard VS7 Chin Guard, For SV9PC/CG and SV9AC/CG Visors
  • 1002297Gray Attachement System SB600 Browguard with Ratchet Headband
  • 1004583 Helmet Mounted Visor SHA66M Helmet-Mounted Visor Holder, Compatible with Howard Leight Helmet Muffs
  • 1002337 Metal Visor SAM9 Visor, Metal Wire, For SA66M Helmet Attachment Only
  • 1004584 Helmet Mounted VisorSHV9PC Visor, Polycarbonate
  • 1004587 Helmet Mounted Visor DHV9AC Visor, Acetate
  • 1002329 Acetate Visors SV9A3W Visor, Green Shade 3.0 Acetate (200mm)
  • 1002330 Acetate Visors SV9A5W Visor, Green Shade 5.0 Acetate (200mm)
  • 1002307 Acetate Visors SV9AC Visor, Clear Acetate (Height 200 mm)
  • 1002308 Acetate Visors SV9EK Visor, Clear Acetate for Electrical Hazards, Can be fitted to the SA660 or SB60
  • 1002309 Acetate Visors SV9PCH Visor, Clear Acetate, Suits Chin Guard (200mm)
  • 1002310 Polycarbonate Visors SV9PCH/CG Visor, Clear Polycarbonate, Suits Chin Guard (200mm)
  • 1002312 Polycarbonate Visors SV9PC Visor, Clear Polycarbonate (230mm)
  • 1002316 Polycarbonate Visors SV9PCH Visor, Clear Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate (230mm)
  • 1002328 Polycarbonate Visors SV9PG Visor, Green Shade 1.7 (230mm), Not for Welding
  • 1002318 Triacetate Visors SV9TC Visor, Clear Triacetate (200mm)
  • 1002321 Triacetate Visors SV9TC3WP Visor, Clear/Green Shade 3.0 Triacetate (200mm)
  • 1002323 Triacetate Visors SV9TC5WP Visor, Clear/Green Shade 5.0 Triacetate (200 mm)
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