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Product Features
  • Flexible Head-Cushioning suspension cradle provides 300% greater contact area than traditional suspensions.
  • Easy visor exchange with a simple push-button release
  • Improved Protection with 50% more chin coverage compared to traditional visors
  • Adjustment knobs are large and ergonomically designed for simple, easy adjustment - even wearing gloves!
  • Patented Hard Hat Adapter that allows visors to slide back 170 mm overhead when face shield is in the up-right position for better balance and weight distribution.
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Honeywell Safety Turboshield

With three patented features, the Honeywell Safety Turboshield provides unparalleled comfort for longer wear, the easiest visor exchange system available and optimal safety and balance. The Turboshield is perfect for those who are exposed to falling or flying objects, impact, splash, UV and airborne debris. The Honeywell Safety Turboshield can also be comfortably worn with most goggles, respiratory protection and hearing protection. Supervisor visors will also work with Honeywell Turboshield.

Tuboshield Product Description (Headgear)

Headgear assembly for the Honeywell Turboshield face protection system features patent-pending suspension cushioning and patent-pending visor release mechanism.

Turboshield Headgear Weight

.3kg (unpackaged)

Turboshield Headgear Brow Material


Turboshield Headgear Suspension Type

Ratchet with head cushion

Turboshield Headgear Suspension Size Range

250 mm - 635 mm

Turboshield Headgear Suspension Material

Nylon 66

Turboshield Sweatband Material

Brushed, padded cloth

Replacement Visor Compatibility

Honeywell Turboshield Visors + Honeywell Supervizor Visors

Turboshield Headgear Max Operating Temperature

97 Degrees Celcius

Compatible PPE with Turboshield Headgear

Respiratory masks; Behind-the-head earmuffs recommended

Turboshield Headgear Dielectric


Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter Description

A universal hardhat adapter for the Honeywell Turboshield face protection system. Features patent-pending dual-pivot mechanism and patent-pending visor release system.

Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter Weight

.2 Kg (unpackaged)

Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter Material

Reinforced Nylon

Turboshield Hard Hat Compatible Types

Cap-Style Hard Hats (inlcludes North brand and some competitive models)

Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter Connection Type

Universal-three-point cap mount with neoprene strap

Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter Max Operating Temperature

191 degrees Celcius

Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter Compatibility with other PPE

Respiratory Masks; Cap-Mounted and behind-the-head earmuffs; any cap-mounted PPE utilizing hardhat accessory slots

Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter Dielectric


Tuboshield Replacement Visors (Description)

A toric- shaped replacement visor for the Honeywell Turboshield face protection sysem. Unique visor mounting system allows for easy visor exchange.

Turboshield Visor Unit Weight

.20 Kg (unpackaged)

Turboshield Visor Shapte

Toric (curved on two planes)

Turboshield Visor Dimensions

240mm X 230mm X 130mm

Turboshield Visor Thickness

2.2 mm at Optical Axis

Turboshield Visor Material


Tuboshield Visor Coating Options

Combination Hard Coat/Fog-Ban Coatings available across the line of visor shades

Turboshield Visor Shade Options

Clear-Uncoated; Clear-HC/FB Coated; Gray-uncoated; Gray-HC/FB Coated; IR/UV Shade 3 - uncoated; IR/UV Shade 5.0 - uncoated

Turboshield Visor Max Operating Temperature

131 Degrees Celcius

Turboshield Visor Dielectric


  • 1031740 Honeywell Turboshield - Turboshield Headgear
  • 1031749 Honeywell Turboshield - Turboshield Hard Hat Adapter
  • 1031743 Honeywell Turboshield - Turboshield Clear Polycarbonate Visor Uncoated
  • 1031744 Honeywell Turboshield - Turboshield Clear Polycarbonate Visor HC/FB Coated
  • 1031745 Honeywell Turboshield - Turboshield Gray Polycarbonate Visor - Uncoated
  • 1031746 Honeywell Turboshield - Turboshield Gray Polycarbonate Visor - HC/FB Coated
  • 1031747 Honeywell Turboshield - Turboshield Welding Polycarbonate Visor - Shade 3.0 Uncoated
  • 1031748 Honeywell Turboshield - Turboshield Welding Polycarbonate Visor - Shade 5.0 Uncoated
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