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Product Features
  • Modular Design: Separate centrally-controllable detector modules allow efficient piping and discrete zones with no overlap.
  • Zoned aspirating smoke detection: Individual detector modules provide detection for individual areas or zones, specific zone alarm information can be transmitted to the main fire alarm panel via a common APIC address card in the display module or through dedicated alarm relays within each detector module.
  • Simplified installation: Ingenious docking station design allows detectors to be easily connected together as a group. Sensitive electronics are easily removed to ensure they will not be damaged during first fix installation. Aspirating pipework and cable entries can easily be made into either the top or the bottom of the unit.
  • Intuitive user interface: Bright easy-to-see colour TFT display and universal navigation and control buttons take the guesswork out of programming and diagnostics.
  • Easy pipe connection: The quick fit pipe adaptor system locks down securely, yet leaves plenty of room for easy pipe connection and removal.
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Kidde AirSense Stratos ModuLaser Minimum Display Module 9-30780

The Kidde ModuLaser is a scalable aspirating smoke detection solution that makes installation easier, maintenance quicker, and takes applications further than traditional air sampling detectors. Two basic module types comprise the ModuLaser solution: a display module, and a detector module. Each detector module can accommodate up to 250 meters of combined sampling pipe. Display modules and detector modules communicate by RS-485 interconnections.

Display modules are available in three configurations: Standard with TFT colour display, status LED's and navigation buttons, Minimum with only status LED's, and Command which is similar to the Standard but with the added functionality to control various modules over SenseNET. The Minimum and Standard Display Modules can each support up to 8 detector module, while the Command Display Module can support up to 127 modules across the SenetNET network.

Minimum display module

The ModuLaser Minimum Display Module offers a cost-effective alternative to the Standard Display Module. While the Standard Display Module features a user interface that consists of a TFT colour display, navigation buttons and status LED’s, the Minimum Display Module only features status LED’s. Depending on the requirements of the installation, only having status LED’s might be sufficient to locally indicate faults or alarms while still reporting faults and alarms via the relay outputs or APIC. Due to the absence of a screen and navigation buttons, the Minimum Display Module(and associated detectors modules) must be configured via a computer using Remote software or via SenseNET using a Command Display Module.

Perfect solution

Thanks to advanced features that make it virtually impervious to dust and dirt, ModuLaser is ideal for use in hostile environments that would disable other kinds of smoke detectors. Forward scattering optical detection adds early warning capability without the risk of nuisance alarms normally associated with high sensitivity smoke detection, while exclusive environmental compensation technology adds a high degree of reliability to an already solid detection solution.
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