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Product Features
  • High flow "Klem" cylinder valve
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Pilot cylinder or direct acting solenoid operating system
  • Continuous weight monitoring option
  • Fully compatible with Kidde Fire Protection control panels
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Kidde CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems

The extinguishing of fires using carbon dioxide was developed by Kidde engineers over 80 years ago. Kidde Fire Protection have been responsible for every important development in this area of fire protection ever since. Accumulated experience gained through thousands of installations in power plants, industrial plants, oil refineries, electronic processes, on ships and in a wide variety of hazardous areas have given Kidde the benefit of plenty of knowledge in this field.

CO2 is versatile

The CO2 is stored as liquid, under pressure. The liquid CO2 flows through discharge pipework to specially designed nozzles when a system is activated. The liquid vaporises rapidly during the discharge due to the agent's low boiling point. This results in a penetrative three-dimensional action. Fires that have been burning in even in the most inaccessible areas are not a problem, as the rapid expansion of the gaseous agent allows fires to be targeted in these areas.

Fire is extinguished by reducing the oxygen level in the risk area to the point where combustion cannot be sustained. The secondary action of this agent is cooling. Cooling is used in local applications where the liquid phase of the discharge is applied directly to the fire and risk materials.

CO2 is fast and efficient

High mass flow rates are achieved as the Kidde Fire Protection High Pressure CO2 system uses large bore cylinder valves. The system reacts within the first few seconds of a fire. This feature can make the difference between a nuisance and a disaster. The fast action of the control system and valve enables this to happen.

CO2 is clean

CO2 is one of the most familiar of all gases and is a colourless, odourless, dry, inert gas. Carbon Dioxide vapourises fully leaving no residue after extinguishing a fire. It is non-corrosive and will not contaminate foodstuffs. There is no mess after this product is deployed, there is nothing to clear up and no water damage. Carbon Dioxide can be used on energised electrical equipment as it is also non-conductive.

CO2 is low cost

There are many other uses for carbon dioxide, making it a standard commercial product around the world. Due to this, carbon dioxide can be obtained inexpensively, which is an important consideration when frequent recharging of storage containers is necessary.

45 kg CO2 Cylinder (FM Approved) - 1-E7194-004
45 kg CO2 Cylinder - 1-E7194-009
45 kg CO2 Cylinder with direct-acting solenoid valve and full assembly - 1-E7772-011
Other Cylinder sizes, paint finishes and 3rd party approvals available on request


2 Cyl. 1" Manifold c/w check valves, galvanised - 1-K21207
3 Cyl. 1" Manifold c/w check valves, galvanised - 1-K21209
4 Cyl. 1" Manifold c/w check valves, galvanised - 1-K21211
5 Cyl. 1" Manifold c/w check valves, galvanised - 1-K21213
Single Row Manifold Bracket 1" inc Clip - 1-K24267D
Double Row Manifold Bracket 1" inc Clip - 1-K24268D
2 Cyl. 1 1/4" Manifold c/w check valves, galvanised - 1-K21215
3 Cyl. 1 1/4" Manifold c/w check valves, galvanised - 1-K21217
4 Cyl. 1 1/4" Manifold c/w check valves, galvanised - 1-K21219
5 Cyl. 1 1/4" Manifold c/w check valves, galvanised - 1-K21221
Single Row Manifold Bracket 1" inc Clip - 1-K24267E
Double Row Manifold Bracket 1 1/4" inc Clip - 1-K24268E
Safety Outlet 3/4" BSP - 1-K 921
Manifold Check - 1-K23925-EU


Flexible Loop - 1-K97112
1/2" BSPT Pipe Adaptor (Loop to Pipe) - 1-K62755


Pressure/Lever Actuator - 1-K62341
Metron operated Electric/Manual Actuator 24 Vdc - 1-D8521-002
Lever Actuator Link - 1-K23905


Small Multijet Nozzle - 1-K61793N3-N12*
Large Multijet Nozzle - 1-K61792N13-N18*
Nozzle CO2 Flat Duct Fitting - 1-K13045N2-N4
Flanged Multijet Nozzle Assemble - 1-K 5814N4-N8
Specify drill code when ordering based on results of flow calculations.


Single Cylinder Strap (K24069 & K63234 Cylinders) - 1-K62943
2 Cylinder Back Rack, Steel - 1-K17238
2 Cylinder Centre Rack, Hardwood - 1-K24334
2 Cylinder Front Strap, Steel - 1-K13744
3 Cylinder Back Rack, Steel - 1-K17235
3 Cylinder Centre Rack, Hardwood - 1-K24335
3 Cylinder Front Strap, Steel - 1-K13745
Rack Bolt Single Row inc. Nuts & Washer - 1-K62752
Rack Bolt Double Row inc. Nuts & Washer - 1-K62753
Rack Bolt Double inc. Nuts & Washer (Special, staggered row) - 1-K17246
3 Cylinder Rack Kit [includes straps and slotted channel] - 1-K63471-03
2 Cylinder Rack Kit [includes straps and slotted channel] - 1-K63471-02


Control Head (Std) - 1-K62303
Control Head (with Switches) - 1-K62304
Solenoid (Flameproof) 24V dc (see note below) - 1-K93206-AX
Solenoid (standard) 24V dc (see note below) - 1-K62422B
Pneumatic Diaphragm (see note below) - 1-K62459
"Push to Fire" Button (see note below) - 1-K62412
Cable Release Assembly (see note below) - 1-K62478
Pilot Gas Cylinder (see note below) - 1-K62462
Pilot Gas Cyl. c/w Pressure Switch (see note below) - 1-K62462A
Control Head Wall Mount - 1-K62487
FM-approved Pilot Gas Cylinder [see note below] - 1-K62959*
FM-approved Pilot Gas Cylinder c/w Pressure Switch [see note below] - 1-K62959A*
FM-approved Pilot Gas Cylinder Wall Mount - 1-K62932*
Assembled Time Delay Kit (30 Sec) - 1-E6000-001
Assembled Time Delay Kit (60 Sec) - 1-E6000-002


Lockout valves and limit switch 1/4" - 1-10611106
Lockout valves and limit switch 1/2" - 1-10611107
Lockout valves and limit switch 3/4" - 1-10611108
Lockout valves and limit switch 1" - 1-10611109
Lockout valves and limit switch 1 1/4" - 1-10611110
Lockout valves and limit switch 1 1/2" - 1-10611111
Lockout valves and limit switch 2" - 1-10611112


Main to Reserve Transfer Switch, electric - 1-B6793-790


Cylinder Weighing Device - 1-E8731-402
Cylinder Weighing Device without microswitch - 1-E8731-403
Basic Beam Scale inc Bracket - 1-K62685
Beam Scale Yoke for CO2 Scale - 1-K24345


CO2 Warning Plate, [Entrance] - 1-K93681
CO2 Instruction Plate, [Manual Control Point] - 1-K93680
CO2 Warning Plate, [Entrance], in Arabic - 1-K93681A
CO2 Instruction Plate, [Manual Control Point], in Arabic - 1-K93680A
CO2 Warning Label, [Entrance], Vinyl Self-adhesive - 1-C9176-803
CO2 Instruction Label, [Manual Control Point], Vinyl Self-adhesive - 1-C9176-804


Pilot Loop 374m (Short) - 1-K93433*
Pilot Loop 527m (Long) - 1-K93434*
Pilot Vent Bleed - 1-K24051


3/16" Plug - 1-K90215
3/16" O/Dia. Steel Bundy 3 metre lengths - 1-K90216
3/16" Non-return Valve (Pilot) - 1-K93069*
3/16" Tee (Pilot) - 1-K90212
3/16" Elbow (Pilot) - 1-K90213
3/16" Connector (Pilot) - 1-K90214
3/16" Tubing Sleeve (Pilot) - 1-K90217
3/16" Tubing Nut (Pilot) - 1-K90218
3/16" to 1/8" BSPT Male Adaptor - 1-K90219
3/16" to 3/4" BSPT Male Adaptor - 1-K60718
3/16" to 1/4" BSPT Male Adaptor - 1-K97609
1/8" to 3/8" BSPT Male Adaptor - 1-K90220
1/8" BSPT Plug - 1-K90228


Pressure Switch - Standard - 1-K60218*
Pressure Trip - 1-K17554*
CO2 Siren - 1-981574
CO2 Discharge Pressure Switch - 1-B6793-731
Odoriser Unit - 6-K4135
Odoriser Check Valve - 1-K22152


Pull Box inc Glass & Front Cover - 1-K 1114*
Bolt 6" x 3/8" Whit - 1-K91007


Cable 1/8" Phos. Bronze (per metre) - 1-K 9002
Corner Pulley 1/8" (Standard) - 1-K 1122*
Cable Clamp (1/8" Cable) - 1-K 3092
1/2" O/Dia. Conduit Galvanised (per metre) - 1-K90001
1/4" Brass Nipple - 1-K90106
1/4" Brass Ring Bush - 1-K10171
1/4" Brass Union - 1-K90183
1/4" Brass Socket - 1-K90197
1/4" Brass Backnut - 1-K90202


3/4" Pressure Operated Valve - 1-K24004*
3/4" Pressure Operated Valve with Switch - 1-K24628*
1" Pressure Operated Valve - 1-K24005*
1" Pressure Operated Valve with Switch - 1-K24629*
1 1/4" Pressure Operated Valve - 1-K24175*
1 1/4" Pressure Operated Valve with Switch - 1-K24630*
1 1/2" Pressure Operated Valve - 1-K24176*
1 1/2" Pressure Operated Valve with Switch - 1-K24631*
2" Pressure Operated Valve - 1-K24177*
2" Pressure Operated Valve with Switch - 1-K24632*
3" Pressure Operated Valve with Switch - 1-K24775
4" Pressure Operated Valve with Switch - 1-K24777
Flange 3" Screwed (2 per Valve) - 1-K60103
Flange Gasket 3" (2 per Valve) - 1-K60105
Flange 4" Screwed (2 per Valve) - 1-K60104
Flange Gasket 4" (2 per valve) - 1-K60106
Bolts 3" Valve 3.4" x 4.2" (16 per Valve) - 1-K60101
Bolts 4" Valve 7.8" x 4.2" (16 per Valve) - 1-K60102


Klem Valve Assembly (solenoid version) - 1-D8562-002
klem Valve Solenoid Assembly - 1-D8522-003
Bleed Assembly - 1-D7564-001
Connector DIN 43650A for Direct Acting Solenoid Valve. - 1-B7422-042
Isolate/Reset pin for control head - 1-K62401
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