Kidde Senator 25 High Sensitivity Smoke Detector


Product Features

  • Ultra small low cost aspirating smoke detector for easy and discreet installation.
  • High sensitivity provided by laser based forward light scatter for reliable early warning.
  • Single sampling pipe up to 50m in length (still air).
  • Unique ClassiFire-3D® Perceptive Artificial Intelligence System.
  • Laser Dust Discrimination (LDD) with a patented dust management and separator system.
  • RS485 communications built in as standard for networking and remote communications.
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Kidde Senator 25 High Sensitivity Smoke Detector is available to buy in increments of 1
The Senator 25 is designed to provide very high sensitivity smoke detection in a small package. ClassiFire-3D is the most comprehensive intelligence found in a smoke detection system to date and ClassiFire-3D ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment, without the need for complex setup.

The detector is designed to fit into a Docking Station. All sampling pipes and cables are connected to the Docking Station as a first fix operation leaving the detector to be fitted during the final commissioning phase if required. This ensures that detectors are less likely to be damaged during the installation. Upgradable volt-free Fire and Fault relay outputs are available for remote monitoring by local fire detection or BMS systems.

This type of detector has been successfully applied in thousands of installations worldwide, ranging from Clean Rooms to Casinos.


Data Storage Units
Air Conditioning Units
Plant Rooms
Computer Rooms
Equipment Racks
Prison Cells
Air Ducts
Heritage Properties
Motor Rooms

Options Available

Addressable Protocol Interface Cards APIC™ available for most popular industry signalling protocols.
Command Module available for central monitoring and display.
SenseNet compatible - up to 127 detectors per loop.
Remote Display units available.


Approved/listed by most major international fire protection certification agencies
Supply Voltage 21.6-26.4V DC
Dimensions 140w x 200h x 85d (mm)
Weight 1.85kg
Temperature range -10 to +60°C
Humidity 0-90% Non-condensing
Sensitivity 25 - 0.03 % obscuration/metre
Display resolution 0.0015
Principle of operation Laser scatter mass detection
Particle sensitivity range 0.003 - 10 microns
Dust discrimination Digital filtering
Current consumption 250mA
Relay contact rating 10VA (410mA @ 24V DC)
Max pipe length 50m still air, 25m moving air
Pipe inlets 1
Pipe internal diameter 15-25mm
Pipe outside diameter 26.0 - 26.5mm without adaptors
Alarm levels 1 Alarm + Fault relays fitted as standard
4 Alarm + Fault available
Chamber service intervals More than 8 years
Filter life Typically 2-3 years, dependent on environment
Case IP rating IP50
Programming PC via RS232/RS485 or Command Module
Network RS485 @ 9600 Baud
Senator 25 Single pipe aspirating smoke detector with a sensitivity scale ranging 0.003 - 25% obs/m. Classifire 3D® Artificial Intelligence allows it to automatically adjust sensitivity with no external input. Laser Dust Discrimination (LDDTM) makes this product suitable for a wide range of environments. Status indicators provided for 'OK', 'FIRE' and 'Fault'. Fire and Fault relay outputs for interfacing to other fire control equipment. SenseNET network ready. Requires external 24vdc supply. Provided with two installed metal cable glands.Maximum pipework length: 50m (25m in high airflow).Dimensions: 140w x 200h x 85d (including cable glands)

Senator 25 c/w Relay/Input card
As per part number 30671 with the relay/input card (30436) pre-installed. The relay/input card provides four alarm level relays, an additional fault relay and three programmable inputs that can be used for remote reset, remote isolate, PSU monitoring and Classifire override functions. Requires external 24vdc supply. Provided with two installed metal cable glands. Maximum pipework length: 50m (25m in high airflow).Dimensions: 140w x 200h x 85d (including cable glands)

Aspirating Smoke Detection System Accessories

Senator Command Module
Provides a single location display, control and interfacing option for systems of up to 127 detectors. The Command module allows global programming of all detector functions simultaneously.Large LCD and LED status indications. Requires external 24vdc supply.Dimensions: 425w x 370h x 115d

Senator 19" rack command module
Command module as per part no. 30624. Constructed in a compact stainless steel enclosure enabling mounting in a 3U high 19" rack mount cabinet.

Senator Command Module - steel enclosure
As per part number 30624-KID with a steel front cover for industrial type applications. Requires external 24vdc supply.Maximum pipe length: 4 x 50mDimensions: 425w x 370h x 115d

Senator Remote Display Unit (RDU)
The RDU connects to the Senator range of detectors using the RS485 data bus and mimics the LED status indications of the detector. The RDU monitors the status of a single detector. More than one RDU can be allocated to a single detector. The RDU can be mounted in either a single wall mounted enclosure or a 3U high 19" rack enclosure. Requires a 24vdc supply.

RDU Relay board
This is an optional relay board which can be used with the Senator RDU to provide Volt Free Changeover Contacts for signalling to other equipment. Five relays are provided for Fire 1, Fire 2, Pre-alarm, Aux Alarm and Fault (energised).

APIC card - Apollo protocol
Can be fitted internally to any Senator detector unit or Command Module allowing them to be connected to an Apollo protocol addressable loop. A single APIC may be used in Multi Address mode when installed inside a command module for signalling up to 127 detectors onto the addressable loop reducing costs on larger systems.

Nano communication card
Optional card for installation in the Senator Nano Aspirating Detector. The communications card allows the Senator Nano to be connected to a PC or SenseNET network.

Relay/Input card
The Relay/Input card can be fitted into the Senator 25 and 100 detectors to provide an additional five relay outputs for signalling to other equipment. Three inputs are provided on the card that can be programmed for remote reset, isolate, classifire override or PSU fault monitoring.
Colour Black
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