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Product Features
  • Indoor/outdoor monitors feature HART, providing more information and features convenient set-up, calibration and diagnostics
  • Interchangeable smart sensors eliminate the need for reconfiguration
  • MSA's patented SafeSwap sensor design allows sensor replacement without declassifying the hazardous area
  • DuraSource Technology extends sensor life
  • Automatic calibration adjustments and date stamping
  • Stainless steel and polycarbonate models available
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MSA Safety Ultima X Series Gas Monitors

The MSA Safety Ultima X Series Gas Monitors are designed to provide thorough, continuous monitoring of many hazardous gases. The MSA Safety Ultima X offers excellent performance and MSA quality craftsmanship. DuraSource Technology offers extended sensor life, while HART provides convenient setup, calibration and diagnostics. HART also allows for existing component install and wiring to be used.

A single circuit board increases reliability, while our patented sensor disconnect-underpower feature allows all sensors to be replaced in hazardous areas without area declassification. The units are crafted from either stainless steel or polycarbonate, and the interchangeable smart sensors eliminate the need for reconfiguration. The scrolling LCD screen display sensor reading and gas type, while the calibration process includes date stamping and the ability to calibrate locally or remotely.

USA Approvals
FM - 140825 FM 3022220 3051047
UL - 091010_FTRV_E83882
UL - 20170614_JTPD_E190105

Canadian Approvals
cFM - 140825_FM_3027754_3051047
cMET - 050511_MET_E112409
cUL - 091010_FTRV7_E83882
cUL - 20170614_JTPD7_E190105

European Union
CE Declaration of Conformity - DC0748011_01 Ultima XE 2017-06-26_en
EU Declaration of Conformity - RoHS
Marine (ABS) - 20190418_ABS_19-HS1843360-PDA

IECEx scheme - IECExFMG07.0006X_15
IECEx scheme - IECExFMG07.0003X_02
Brazil - 20171107_CER_ULBR14.0814
Brazil - UL-BR 14.0600X ULTIMA XIR, XE
China (Ex)-180420 Ex CE18.5038X
Kazakhstan - 120228_KazinMeter_KAZ
India, PESO
India, DGMS - 151124_CER_S

SIL - MSA1202040C001_R2.3
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