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Pearpoint flexitrax P550c Modular Crawler System

The Pearpoint flexitrax P550c controller is designed around the user, helping them to create survey reports more easily and more efficiently. Intuitive menus and dedicated function buttons guide you through your survey, allowing you to move to the next job more quickly.

MSCC 3-, 4- or 5-compliant reporting and on-board WiFi allow you to share your reports via email or DropBox, all while still on site. Or simply copy to a memory stick in any of the three USB ports.

Colleagues and/or customers can see your video inspection in real-time by viewing it on a standard web browser on their local, connected communications device, such as a phone or tablet.

Easy to use, efficient to own

The flexitrax P550c system offers an intuitive graphical user interface, a full size QWERTY keyboard (regional options available) and a choice of 6 different menu languages at launch, with on-board Operation Manuals to match. Context-sensitive, ATM-style buttons on both sides of the display provide access to the easy-to-use menus, while an additional 8 buttons offer direct control of the most-used functions such as Record and Set Cable Distance.

flexitrax P550c boasts a 12.1”, 1280x800 pixel, high definition display for crisp, sharp images and 128Gb internal memory for more than 2 months’ video recording in typical usage¹. The built in rechargeable battery and ruggedized, IP55-rated case provide reliability and usability in most challenging environments.

¹ Typical usage is given as 100 minutes of videoing per day for 5 days per week

Reporting on site

The flexitrax P550c incorporates reporting templates to comply with multiple standards, such as WRc’s MSCC3, 4 or 5 or your own. Reports are available to share as soon as you have completed your survey.

WinCan compatibility² is also an option, and this can be purchased at the same time as the flexitrax P550c system, or later as your needs develop.

² May require a separate licence from WinCan

Fast, intuitive inspection

Fast boot-up time, 10 context-sensitive buttons to the sides of the display and a further 7 additional buttons for frequently-used tasks create an inspection system that is quick to set-up and easy to use. Intuitive menus guide you through your survey without any complicated keyboard shortcuts to remember. Sharing the resulting report with customers or the office is completed in just a few key presses, allowing you to move quickly onto your next survey.

6 menu languages and language specific keyboard layouts are available (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Simplified Chinese), with further languages to be added soon.

Tailor the system to meet your requirements

Modular and portable, choose the system options that suit your needs, and add more if and when you want
  • Select either a cost-effective manual cable drum or an advanced powered drum — each with up to 1000' / 305m of cable
  • Choose from three interchangeable cameras and two powerful crawlers that are designed to withstand the most challenging sub-surface conditions
  • A wide choice of wheels, elevators and tires optimize the down-hole equipment to suit the pipe network being surveyed, enabling you to use crawler-mounted cameras to inspect pipes as narrow as 4” / 100mm all the way up to 60” / 1500mm
  • flexitrax P550c is also compatible with Pearpoint’s range of pushrod cameras, adding pipes as narrow as 2” / 50mm or even less to your capabilities.
Be more productive on site

WRc's MSCC 3, 4, and 5 compliant reports and condition classification codes are integrated in the controller, and created automatically.

Share docx, xml or WinCan3 survey report files to your office or client directly from the field via email or DropBox (WiFi hotspot required). These files, along with photos (JPG) and videos (MP4) files can also be exported to a USB stick.

3May require a separate licence from WinCan

Simple to operate in the field

Intuitive joystick control over crawler and camera functions and dedicated one-touch controls make the flexitrax P550c system easy to use, and lets you drive any drum, crawler, camera and lighting combination. The command module also provides Mimic® display – an on-screen tool that indicates where the system camera is pointing, and provides a simple way to direct its movement.

1” / 25mm all the way to 60” / 1500mm

With its wide range of compatible equipment, the flexitrax P550c can perform surveys using a flexible 100’ / 30m pushrod with a 1” / 25mm camera, through to centered inspection of pipes as wide as 60” / 1500mm.

Clear, high quality imaging

The flexitrax P550c system offers a choice of three high-resolution crawler cameras (Forward View, Pan & Tilt or Pan & Tilt with 10x Optical Zoom); each with ultra-bright, white LED lighting for use across different pipe materials. An optional external lighthead provides additional lighting for very large or dark pipes, ensuring clarity of view. The 12.1” / 307mm high definition display included on all flexitrax P550c controllers provides you with crisp, clear images easing accurate observations.

Rugged design – reliability where you need it

Designed for field use, the command module, drums and pushrod reels provide a durable buffer between the elements and your survey data. The crawlers and cameras can operate fully submersed and are water resistant (IP68) to depths of up to 330' / 100m.

Simple, rapid service and maintenance

The flexitrax P550c system is designed and built for continuous operation and easy maintenance. Operators can carry out many common repairs on-site, with no need for complex pressurization or sealing kits. Pearpoint’s global service network provide comprehensive service and repair with rapid turn-around times.

Easy to transport and use

The modularity of the flexitrax P550c system enables a range of transport options. The system can be van or truck mounted, yet is easily dismounted to be wheeled on-site using the ergonomic barrow design, allowing you to reach conduits beyond the range of your vehicle. Once on site, the system is quick and easy to set-up and deploy.

Vehicle installation options

Pearpoint provides a range of standard fixing kits to facilitate permanent or flexible installation of the flexitrax P550c system in vehicles. Pearpoint also works alongside a range of approved vehicle fitters to deliver custom fit-outs in vehicles that suit customers' needs.
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