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Earth electrode materials

Quality earth rods are commonly made from either solid copper, stainless steel or copperbonded steel.

Furse can supply all three types, but the copperbonded steel cored rod is by far the most popular, due to its combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and comparatively low cost.

Solid copper and stainless steel rods offer a very high level of corrosion resistance at the expense of lower strength and higher cost.

Diameter of rod

One common misconception is that the diameter of the rod has a drastic effect on lowering earth resistance. This is not true! You only lower the resistance value by 9.5 per cent by doubling the diameter of the rod (which means increasing the weight and the cost of the rod by approximately 400 per cent!)

Thus the rationale is: Use the most economical rod that soil conditions will allow you to drive. This is one of the ways to ensure that you don't waste money on over-dimensioned rods.

Thread & shank diameters

Confusion often arises between thread and shank diameters for threaded rods.

The thread rolling process, used by quality rod manufacturers, raises the surface of the rod so that thread diameter (B) is greater than shank diameter (A) (see drawing).

All threads are Unified National Coarse (UNC-2A).

Copperbond Earth Rods

Furse copperbond earth rods probably offer to the installer the best and most economical earth rods available. They are made by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper onto a low carbon steel core.

Furse rods are not of the sheathed type. They are highly resistant to corrosion, and because the steel used has a very high tensile strength, they can be driven by power hammers to great depths.

The counter-bored couplings are made from high copper content alloy, commercial brass is not used. This again ensures excellent corrosion resistance and high strength.

Copper thickness minimum 250 microns.

Connections to the rods can be by mechanical clamps, compression or by Furse's own "FurseWELD" exothermic welding system.

Solid Copper Earth Rods

Furse solid copper earth rods offer greater resistance to corrosion. They are ideally used in applications where soil conditions are very aggressive, such as soils with high salt content.

Connections to the rods can be by mechanical clamps, compression or by Furse's own "FurseWELD" exothermic welding system.

Stainless Steel Earth Rods

Stainless steel rods are used to overcome many of the problems caused by galvanic corrosion which can take place between dissimilar metals buried in close proximity.

Furse stainless steel earth rods are highly resistant to corrosion.

Connections to the rods can be by mechanical clamps, compression or by Furse's own "FurseWELD" exothermic welding system.
Copperbond Earth Rods part numbers RB105, RB110, RB115, RB125, RB205-FU, RB210, RB215, RB220-FU, RB225, RB235, RB305, RB310, RB315, RB320-FU, RB325, RB335, CG170, CG270, CG370, ST100, ST200, ST300, RB005, RB103, RB107, RB116, RB126, RB213, RB216, RB217, RB223, RB226, RB236, RB306, RB313, RB316, RB317, RB323, RB326, RB336, CG177, CG277, CG377, ST107, ST207 and ST307.

Solid Copper Earth Rods part numbers RC010, RC011, RC012, RC015, RC016, RC017, ST010, ST015, CG013, SP010, SP015, RC010-KIT and RC015-KIT.

Stainless Steel Earth Rods part numbers RS005, RS011, RS012, RS016, RS017, ST010, CG005, SP010 and RS005-KIT.
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