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Product Features
  • Makes noise visible
  • Easy to understand: when the light turns red, it is time to put on hearing protection
  • Easy to use and cost-effective
  • Reacts to the actual noise levels: you know exactly when the earmuffs are necessary
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The SoundEar II XL is ideal for when you want to make sure that everyone knows when to wear hearing protection. The Soundear II Industry is most often used in.

  • Warehouses
  • Production Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Construction sites
Industrial and construction workers are some of the occupations that most often experience hearing damage. This is also why noise regulations for hearing protection are in place. SoundEar II Industry makes it easier to live up to these regulations.

The noise limit is selectable to suit the function of the room. It can be set in 5 dB steps to a level between 40 and 115 dB(A) using the control on the back. These settings represent the noise levels between a classroom and a rock concert.

The yellow lights come on just before the limit is reached. As soon as the limit is exceeded the red part lights up and the word WARNING is displayed.

The only difference between the products SoundEar II Industry and SoundEar II XL is that the SoundEar II XL is a larger model.

SoundEar II Industry: L: 265 mm W: 205 mm H: 46 mm

SoundEar II XL: L:576 mm W: 376 mm H: 46 mm

Product Specifications

Standards: - IEC 61672
Mechanical Features: - Cabinet: Shockproof acrylic
- Measurements: length: 576 mm, width: 376 mm, height: 46 mm
Electrical Features: - Power supply: 24 Volt DC
- Temperature: During operation: 0 °C to 50 °C
- When stored/during transport: -20 °C to 60 °C
Dampness & Dust: - IP 42
Measurement Parameters: - Frequency: 20Hz to 16 kHz
- Scope of measurement: 40 dB to 115 dB
- Frequency weighing: A-filter
- Time weighing: Slow (1 sec)
- Deviation: +/- 3 dB
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