SoundEar3 XL


Product Features

  • Makes noise visible: you instantly know that it is time to put on hearing protection when the light turns red
  • Simple and efficient way of staying in control of your noise levels
  • Easy to monitor noise: you can use the software to monitor real-time noise levels from multiple sites or locations
  • With precision noise measurements you are sure to have proper documentation for your noise levels
  • Email alarms and automated noise reports means you are always up to date with the noise situation
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The SoundEar3 XL can be used when you need to control noise at an industrial workplace. They are most often used in warehouses, production plants, manufacturing plants and food processing areas. 

Noise levels at industrial workplaces are often high. Remembering to wear hearing protection and being able to document your noise levels are some of the issues our customers are happy to have a solution for.

The only difference between the products SoundEar3-310 and SoundEar3 XL is that the SoundEar3 XL is a bigger model.

The dimensions:

SoundEar3-310: L: 265 mm W: 205 mm H: 46 mm.
SoundEar3 XL: L:595 mm W: 412 mm H: 59 mm

Other than that, the two products are identical and come with the same features and software. It is only a matter of how big a sign you want for your specific needs.
  • Parameters: Measures 3 measurements simultaneously LAF; LAS; LCpeak; Laeq, 1s, Laeq ¼ h, Laeq 1/2h, Laeq 1 h.
  • Resolution: 0,1 dB for all parameters
  • Measuring Ranges: RMS: Total 30 – 120 dB
  • Deviation: +/- 0,5 dB
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20 kHz
  • Frequency Weightings: A- weighting (RMS), C-weighting (Peak)
  • Time Weighting: Slow (1S) & Fast (125 ms)
  • Dynamic Range: 90 dB and peak detection
  • Light setting: full configurability through Soundear software including nightsetting.
  • 2 x outputs : 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
  • 2 xUSB outputs: Micro USB (power & PC), USB OTG (Log, configuration)
  • Display setting: LAeq 1 s., Alarm level and Clock
  • Power Supply: 5VDC (Micro USB) / 24VDC (Screw terminal)
  • Current Consumption: max 2,5 W
  • Internal memory: 16 MB (128 Mbit) (ca. 650 days log time)
  • Real Time Clock: Hi-precision type with battery backup (CR2032)
  • Microphone: 20 Hz- 20 kHz
  • Measurement 300/310: Length 256 mm, Width: 205 mm, Height: 45 mm, Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Measurement 320: Length: 150mm, Width: 120mm, Height: 45mm, Weight: 0.45 kg.
  • Measurement 3XL: Length: 595mm, Width: 412mm, Height: 59mm
  • Standards: IEC61672-2-2002, Type 2, ANSI 51,4
    Type 260601-1: Medical electrical equipment – Part 1: general requirements for basic safety and essential performance. 
    60601-1-2: Medical equipment – Part 1.2: General requirement
    – Part 1-2: General requirement for Basic safety and essential performance. Connectivity accessories: GSM module, 4 G module for Cloud solution.
Colour Black
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