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Product Features
  • Flat tape conductor25 x 3 mm bare tape, or 25 x 3mm PVC covered tape
  • Solid circular conductor8 mm diameter bare or PVC covered solid circular conductor
  • Stranded conductor70 mm² bare or PVC covered stranded conductor
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By far the largest and most important component of any earthing or structural lightning protection system is the actual conductor.

Furse offer a comprehensive range of copper and aluminium conductors in each of the main world standard formats, i.e. flat tape, solid circular and stranded.

Flat Tape Conductor

Furse supply a large range of flat tape conductors including; Bare, PVC (including green & yellow), LSOH, lead covered and tinned copper tape, hard drawn copper bar, flexible copper braid, and bare and PVC covered aluminium tape.

An anti-vandal down conductor guard can also be supplied for use with all 25 x 3 mm tape.

Solid Circular Conductor

Furse supply a range of solid circular conductors including; bare and PVC covered copper and aluminium.

Stranded Conductor

Furse supply a range of stranded conductors including; bare and PVC covered copper and bimetallic cable.
Flat Tape Conductor part numbers TC048, TC050, TC015, TC055, TC020, TC060-FU, TC025, TC026, TC065, TC030, TC067, TC030-UL, TC066, TC035, TC071, TC040, TC060, TC090, TC040-UL, TC069, TC039, TC070, TC042, TC075, TC044, TC078, TC043, TC080, TC045, TC082, TC100, TC105-FU, TC110, TC115-FU, TC120-FU, TC125-FU, TC130, TC105/50, TC110/50, TC115/50, TC120/50, TC125/50, TC130/50, TC140-FU, TC145, TC910, TC940, TC980, TC111-FU, TC330, TC225-FU, TC230, TC230-UL, TC239, TC240, TC245, TC260, TC280, BA205, BA210, BA225, BA230, BA235, BA240, BA250-FU, BA231, BD020, BD025, BD026, BD027, BD028, BD030, BD031, BD032, BD033, BD034, BD020-T, BD025-T, BD026-T, BD028-T, BD035, BD031-T, BD027-T, BD032-T, BD033-T, BD034-T, BD006-FU, BD010-FU, BD016-FU, BD025-FU, BD035-FU, BD050-FU, BD070-FU, BD095-FU, BD006-FU-T, BD010-FU-T, BD016-FU-T, BD025-FU-T, BD035-FU-T, BD050-FU-T, BD070-FU-T, BD095-FU-T, TA005, TA020, TA030, TA042, TA040, TA068, TA080, TA100, TA104, TA105, TA110, TA115, TA120, TA125, TA130 and AV005.

Solid Circular Conductor part numbers CD035, CD080, CD036, CD038, CD039, CD040, CD041, CD081, CD083, CD084, CD085 and CD086.

Stranded Conductor part numbers CB006, CB120, CB016, CB150-FU, CB025, CB185, CB035, CB070-T, CB240, CB050-FU, CB300-FU, CB070, CB400-FU, CB095, CB071, CC016, CC120-FU, CC025, CC150-FU, CC035, CC185, CC050, CC240, CC070, CC300, CC095, CC400-FU, BC001, BC002, BC003, BC004, BC005, BC006, BC007, BC008, BC009, BC010, BC011, BC012, BC013 and BC014.
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