Furse Earth Boss & Insulators

Furse Earth Boss & Insulators
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  • Earth boss
  • Insulator
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Earth boss

Earth boss manufactured from mild steel (to 970 230M07 grade EN1A) or stainless steel (grade 316L) complete with phosphor bronze studs, nuts and washers.

Part numbers in this range include EB0000, EB1000, EB0110, EB1110, EB0111, EB1111, EB0120, EB1120, EB0121, EB1121, EB0130, EB1130, EB0131, EB1131, EB0211, EB1211, EB0212, EB1212, EB0221, EB1221, EB0222, EB1222, EB0231, EB1231, EB0232, EB1232, EB0311, EB1311, EB0312, EB1312, EB0321, EB1321, EB0322, EB1322, EB001, EB1331, EB0332 and EB1332.


Part numbers in this range include IN005, IN013, IN020, IN030, IN040, IN060 and IN070.
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