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Product Features
  • Protects rooftop mounted equipment from direct lightning strikes
  • Complies to with IEC/BS EN 62305 standard
  • Lightweight construction
  • Corrosion resistant
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Furse Free Standing Interception Masts

The new Furse interception masts are designed to provide a fast and easy solution to protecting roof top installations, like air conditioning units or solar panels, from a direct lightning strike, all in accordance with IEC/BS EN 62305:2006.

Offering a choice of copper, aluminium or stainless steel with aluminium tip, these free-standing interception masts use concrete blocks to secure them to the roof surface, minimising the time and effort needed by the installer.

Once the required mast height has been decided, a Wind Zone map and wind speed tables can be used to choose the type of frame and its size, plus the number of concrete blocks needed to secure the installation.

Furse free standing interception masts are easily constructed from a small range of components including interception pole, support frame and concrete bases to provide a highly versatile and effective lightning protection solution.

The straightforward design of this multi-component system enables rapid installation of interception masts to protect rooftop and exposed equipment from lightning damage.
Part numbers in this range include
  • 912000-FU
  • 912001-FU
  • 912002-FU
  • 912003-FU
  • 912004-FU
  • 912005-FU
  • 912006-FU
  • 912007-FU
  • 912008-FU
  • 912009-FU
  • 912010-FU
  • 912011-FU
  • 912012-FU
  • 99000-FU
  • 499005-FU
  • 499006-FU
  • 499007-FU
  • 499 100
  • 103 101
  • 103 103
  • 103 110
  • 103 118
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